About us

About us

Csorvási Építőmester Bt is a 100% Hungarian-owned construction and wood processing company that has been operating and developing continuously since 1993.

The company’s reliability is rooted in the management’s and subordinate employees’ many years of experience, their professional commitment, and the company’s loyalty towards its customers.

Our main activities are general construction and building renovation. Our customers are mainly the municipalities of the surrounding settlements and their institutions, and partly the private sector and its citizens.

In addition to our construction activities, we have been dealing with log peeling and plywood production since 2010.

In addition to domestic sales, the end product produced here – packaging aid – is exported to Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The professional development of our employees and the monitoring and application of technological innovations related to our activities are of utmost importance to our company. The procurement of technology and equipment that are essential for maintaining high quality and efficiency is also an integral part of our philosophy. With these principles, we can guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

Restraint and discipline have always been characteristic of our company’s financial management, and these values we also wish to keep in the future.

The values of our corporate behaviour are the keys to the company’s stability.

About us

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Our activities

General construction

Renovation of buildings


Creating new buildings

Mechanical earthworks

Recycling of construction waste

Plywood production